Our Vision

Sensytec’s vision is to revolutionize the Structural Health Monitoring industry through enhanced quality control and monitoring of cement & concrete structures by providing intelligent analysis of data gathered during design, placement, performance and maintenance to create valuable knowledge and wisdom of structure integrity for the end user. Sensytec seeks to realize this vision in order to add value to all the industry players including owners, concrete manufacturers, and contractors by saving time, costs, and energy.

Smart Cement Technology

Sensytec provides detailed data on cement conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime. We achieve this through our proprietary technology, the Smart Cement™ system. This technology gives cement sensing capabilities so that a user will be able to monitor the exact status of their structures in real-time, at very high sensitivities. These properties include cracking, contamination, corrosion, temperature changes, and more. By gathering and delivering data on these properties, we can make structures “smart” and ultimately mitigate potential failures. This is critical, because cement generally fails at only 0.2% strain, which is very difficult to read. Smart Cement is over 2500 times more sensitive than the current compressive strain-related monitoring technology that uses strain gages, sensors and fiber optics.

Structural Health Monitoring

Sensytec realized a reduction in maintenance costs by reducing the number of visual inspections that are done by the owners. The concrete made with Smart Cement technology can detect any issues that occur in the structure before it becomes a bigger problem in the long run, reducing the commercial project owners inspection and maintenance costs by 15-20%. Overall, Sensytec’s concrete designed with Smart Cement technology can help reduce the total project costs by approximately 11-15% starting from the construction to the maintenance of the project.

Real Time Quality Control

Sensytec will begin with the construction materials testing of concrete. For this target application, Sensytec monitors the concrete that is being poured on project sites and record resistivity data from time zero. With this data, Sensytec will be able to determine the quality of the concrete in real-time by monitoring temperature, strength, water-to-cement ratio, and any contaminations that may occur during the curing process of the concrete. Based on the conversations with industry professionals, it is estimated that about 5% of the project is torn down and reconstructed because of the poor quality of the concrete (e.g. - strength not meeting the specifications). The concrete made with Smart Cement technology aims to eliminate this problem by determining the strength specification of the concrete 24 hours after the concrete is laid on the site compared to the conventional seven and 28-day test results they are receiving now. This data will be extremely beneficial to customers because it will speed up the process of the construction by allowing them to remove formwork and proceed on to the next steps of construction. Consequently, Sensytec believes that this reduction in time and labor costs can help owners realize an initial 10-15% savings in construction costs, assuming a $1 million-dollar project.

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