cloud based structural health monitoring solutions

WE revolutionize the Structural Health Monitoring industry through enhanced quality control and monitoring of cement & concrete structures. Our software and hardware provide Actionable Intelligence from data gathered during design, placement, performance and maintenance.

Gather data with wireless sensors

Gather data with wireless sensors

Monitor your cement status in real-time

Monitor your cement status in real-time

Get notified about potential risks

Get notified about potential risks

Prevent potential cementing failures

Prevent potential cementing failures

About Our Products

Sensytec's solution monitors, analyzes and quantifies cement and concrete conditions using a ground-breaking system SMART CEMENT™. Deliver DATA on cracking, contamination, corrosion and temperature change properties by using Sensytec.

Real-Time Cement Status

Sensytec provides detailed data on cement conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime.  This technology gives cement sensing capabilities so that a user will be able to monitor the exact status of their structures in real-time, at very high sensitivities. 

Structural Health Monitoring

The concrete made with Smart Cement technology can detect any issues that occur in the structure before it becomes a bigger problem in the long run, reducing the commercial project owners inspection and maintenance costs by 15-20%. That also affects total project costs by approximately 11-15%.

Pro-Active Quality Control

Industry surveys from vetted professionals have estimated that about 5% of the project is torn down and reconstructed because of the poor quality of the concrete (e.g strength not meeting the specs.) When made with Smart Cement you get a 24 hour confirmation of strength instead of 7 days.

""We cannot guarantee the quality of mix after discharge. This technology can change it.

- Concrete Quality Control Manager, U.S. Concrete

"Delays in construction of concrete Structures are costly. Monitoring techniques are needed to predict better" 

- Concrete Specialist, AF Gruppen


Providing detailed data on cement conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime; giving cement sensing capabilities to monitor in real-time and reduce maintenance costs by 15-20%



Using the monitoring system, Sensytec will be able to determine the quality of the concrete in real-time by monitoring temperature, strength, and any contaminations that may occur during the curing process of the concrete.

DYnamic Cloud based systems that can be used in multiple environments




  • Minimize the risks associated with drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and unconventional resource extraction

  • Get 24/7 access to the performance and integrity of the oil well

  • Reduce the time and cost in the well lifecycle by limiting cementing caused failures

  • Optimize you production system up to 5 %



  • Reduce construction cost up to 5%
  • Speed up the construction time for better project management and delivery to clients. 
  • Get real-time strength and quality prediction for initial placement of structural products
  • Structural integrity monitoring and predictive maintenance

  • Optimize structural concrete design performance
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