SMART CEMENT ™ Technology

Monitor the structural integrity of your concrete structures in real-time.

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SMART Cement ™ Visual Demo

This is a visual model rendering of our Smart Cement technology that demonstrates how it can detect and display structural damage. You can play around with the model to see how it works by checking the bottom left corner to change the view mode to the Smart Cement view. This technology allows for real-time monitoring of concrete structures, helping to detect damage and prevent failures before they occur.

Our SMART CEMENT ™ Platform

Our Smart Cement ™ platform provides detailed data on cement conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime; giving cement sensing capabilities to monitor in real-time and reduce maintenance costs by 15-20%. The Smart Cement ™ platform consists of three key components:

Step 1

Smart Cement begins by mixing our proprietary additive directly into the cement mix. The additive has conductive properties use to gather concrete data.

Step 2

Once the cement is poured, our hardware system is able to accurately analyze and transmit real-time concrete data to our software interface.

Step 3

Our Smart-Cement ™ software allows engineers to have access to any information regarding corrosion, stresses, contamination, and more!

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Industry Benefits of using SMART CEMENT ™ Technology

Data Analytics

We store your project information and communicate to your mobile device directly on your project site to help you detect any deltas.


In real-time, we will transform your data into easy to understand, actionable intelligence. This prevents any unwelcome surprises.

Know Instantly

Project managers have 0 time to waste on micromanagement. Leave the structural makeup of your projects to SMART CEMENT ™.

Stay Focused

With your mind at ease with SMART CEMENT ™, you have more time to focus on real project manager duties like timeliness of delivery.

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