Reducing Project Costs & CO2 Emissions by
Wirelessly Monitoring The Health of Concrete.

Our Vision

We are revolutionizing the infrastructure industry by introducing efficiency, health, and CO2 reduction benefits to all construction job sites. 

About Us


A wireless concrete monitoring sensor catered to general contractors, engineers, and ready-mix suppliers for the in-place monitoring of concrete.

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A wireless reusable concrete monitoring sensor catered to precasters for the in-place monitoring of their concrete molds.

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Smart Cement™

Monitor concrete structures in real-time throughout the operational lifetime and detect any potential catastrophic failures in the future.

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Industry Use

How can Sensytec help?

Sensytec technology can detect any issues in the structure before it becomes a problem, thus reducing unnecessary costs with coring and cylinder testing.

With the assistance of SENSYROC™, general contractors and project managers can now wirelessly monitor the health of early-age concrete. Using SensyRoc™ sensors, you can get real-time data analytics on:

  • Temperature
  • Strength Developments
  • Concrete Quality
  • Electrical Resistivity

How can Sensytec help?

Sensytec technology can help increase productivity through real-time concrete monitoring & accelerate formwork removal.

With the assistance of RE-SENSYROC™, precasters can now wirelessly monitor the health of early-age concrete and can be alerted when forms/molds can be safely removed.

Using RE-SensyRoc™ sensors, you can get real-time data analytics on:

  • Temperature
  • Strength Developments
  • Concrete Quality
  • Electrical Resistivity

How Sensytec can help you?

Wirelessly Monitor Your Concrete Status

Our technology provides detailed data on concrete conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime and you can monitor all this data right in the palm of your hand.

Get Notified About Potential Risks

Our proven technology ensures that your concrete remains within the intended design specifications and alerts you if there are any potential risks.

Prevent Potential Concrete Failures

Sensytec’s concrete monitoring technology can help identify any potential risks that can negatively affect the concrete structure. It can detect if the concrete does not set properly early on.

Our Partners & Clients

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Knowing the exact moment when my fresh concrete is ready to take on heavy traffic and safe for the road to be opened to the public, it is a done deal for us

Mike TamezBriter Enterprises, Inc

It is nice not to have to wait on the lab results, I just need to walk to the concrete platform, collect the data, and inform my team when we are good to go

Nathan DyerHarvey Builders

We cannot guarantee the quality of mix after discharge. This technology can change it.

U.S. Concrete

Delays in construction of concrete structures are costly. Monitoring techniques are needed to predict better.

AF GruppenConcrete Specialist

Anything can happen at the job and has hidden liability. Real time monitoring saves cost and time

Concrete QC AdvisorPrairie Materials

Concrete is the most used material in the world yet there is no monitoring

Concrete SpecialistCemex

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Partnership with Bolsinger Rebar & Sensytec

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